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An eclectic assortment of family photos, for your enjoyment. Well, actually for my own enjoyment!

Contents are subject to change at my own whim.

Seasons Greetings 2004

From left to right:
Darlene P. Coltrain, Fritha Ann Coltrain, Nicky, and Steven Vincent Johnson


Meet Zoey

The latest family addition. There was some concern that Nicky might not accept a new addition to the family, his niece, but we were lucky. After several obligatory hissing fits Nicky settled down and actually discovered that little Zoey can be fun to play with at times. Of course she's hell on all four paws. NIcky has found ways to find solace from  her energy.

Nicky catches a mouse

View in shocking uncensored graphic detail the hapless demise of a mouse.


Elliott and Nicky

Both Nicky and Elliott were rescued farm kittens. We believe they are brothers from the same litter. (Same mother, different fathers?) They were rescued on the brink of starvation. Early in 2005 Elliott passed on, but Nicky is still with us at 9 years of age.


Holiday Antics

Miscellaneous photos of feline adventures within the Johnson/Coltrain family


Ms Piggy's Car

While traveling to a Gem Show Convention in the Chicago area we came across Ms. Piggy's car in the Rosemont Convention Center parking lot. Unfortunately, Ms. Piggy was nowhere to be seen. We figured she was most likely smoozing with Loretta Swift who is an accomplished jeweler and artist who sells her beautiful creations at the conventions. Either that or she was in the cafeteria






Good Night